Helicopter spel voor Palm

nieuws 17 juli 2002 om 11:28

Penreader heeft een leuk spelletje voor Palm OS uitgebracht. In 'Another Bottle' bestuur je een helicopter langs obstakels. Een verslavend spelletje voor tussendoor. Een demo versie is te downloaden.

Have you ever dreamt to be a pilot? Put your dream into reality with our new cool Palm game AnotherBottle. It is simple but very addictive: you can spend hours trying to steer your small helicopter through canyon full of obstacles.

AnotherBottle is fully compatible with all Palm OS 3.3 and higher devices (except HandEra 330), devices with color screen and devices with black and white screen (if your Palm device has high resolution screen, you should switch off high resolution for this game).

The object of the game is to fly bypassing obstacles as far as possible. After start the helicopter begins to descend. You should control altitude of the helicopter to bypass obstacles. To maintain altitude you should press & hold any hardware button of your Palm device. You should keep the button pressed until the helicopter is at the altitude you wish. You can also use JogDial (hold it pressed) to control the altitude if your device has a JogDial. As soon as you release the button the helicopter will descend again.